Wednesday, July 26, 2006

One more Word...

..... added to the Blogs title. Snappy's, or is that two words? I came up with my very imaginitive title eighteen months ago, when i was doing two blogs. The other one stopped, but the garden kept on keeping me hooked. Reading other peoples blogs kept me interested during the winter lay off.
As soon as spring was around the corner the garden bug bit again, and i have been posting nearly daily. Its ritualistic but keeps the stress away by writing. I have not been as snappy with my garden healing my stress and problems.
It was Sallyanne's nickname for me.Even the web address has it: snappycrocsgarden, so Snappys garden blog it will be.
I was looking at my Hydrangea cuttings, which are in soil in a cut coke bottle, (would they grow better in a pepsi bottle?) My question to you knowledgeable bloggers is how long does it have to stay in that sheltered environment?
It has roots down to the bottom of the pot, and between the leaf stems there are signs of new growth.It survived the trip from Wakefield MAU (medical admissions unit) to Castleford in my bag at the begginning of the heat wave.
Im hoping for some blue flowers next year.I am pleased that a cutting has actually survived. I went and bought rooting powder for the cuttings. I wander how Frans are doing? Being off work i have not seen her to enquire into her cuttings health?
I am weaning it off the humidified pop bottle atmosphere, and hope the leafs wont droop. I saved them once after they got the Wilts bad (ha ha is that a new word?when your plants leafs and stems go limp and keel over like drunken sailors).
The new camera has been magic. Suddenly i can post true colours on the computer whereas before certain colours would not be photographed. Purple and blue were almost impossible to get a true likeness. The zooming lens is cool as well, my fav picture is the Liatris, and the geranium which was never shown before by me.
I have read my daily list of Fav blogs. Next job is to write them all down on the sidebar...
The sun shone, i got more tanned and burnt, the garden looks brilliant, even my sad front window border looks okay.Im still planning next years floral assault, and herbs/fruit/veg.
This years blackberries are a month away from being ripe.I want to make a blackberry and apple pie,yum yum.


Unknown said...

Yay for the hydrangea! :) I would probably pot it up about now--you can cut the plastic bottle away from the seedling if you need, to get it out.

I've never rooted hydrangeas, but one thing that I found when moving water-rooted things into dirt in general is that I've had to keep them fairly wet for a while. If you gradually let them get used to being drier, they're less likely to croak on you... I guess the water-roots have to adjust or something?

Unknown said...

I'm very jealous of your two-week break from work allowing you to do so much gardening. I hope you're having a great time.

As for the hydrangea, if you've got a good root system and it's starting to put out new growth on top, it probably could be transplanted. I can't tell from the picture how big the plant really is, but I tend to let things settle in in their pots for a good while until they're well past the "toddler" stage. No sense in stressing them out by transplanting until they're as strong as possible. However, I do like to move the pot to the spot where I plan on planting it and just letting it sit there for a while to get the plant used to the light, wind, etc.

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Blackswamp girl,I will take the top off gradually.It is staying indoors probably untill spring in the big pot.It is in soil though, after a water soak to revive it two weeks ago..
Hi Claire, it has a good root system (yehay for rooting powder) and today i spied a leaf shoot protuding from soil.I hope its hydrangea and not weed!!
It is going to chill in the pot for a while yet.I saw some store hydrangea's for £10 today, but i did not buy one.Some nice clematis though....