Thursday, July 27, 2006

Letting the grass grow

I have just seen Doug Greens feet on his post:
The point is do you have time set aside to sit in the garden with your feet up to see what you have done to your gardening empire. He feels some people garden for exercise, some for status, some to keep up with the neighbours. I do it for:

1) the pleasure of tending some dirt and growing things of beauty in there

2) A place of relaxation for the family, adults and kids alike all enjoy the garden.

3) Going outdoors in the sunshine, wind, rain, snow, etc

4) Watching wildlife, at the moment that is birds, bee's, and butterflies

5) The therapeutic benefits of gardening, squatting down problems dissapeear as you work out what has grown since your last walk around, and what beasties have been nibbling your dahlia's

6) Continuing a family tradition, where my green fingers come from in the deep and distant past.Gardening is in my blood.Why else would i feel deja vu doing certain jobs?

Its true that i have not yet got a comfy chair. Sallyanne says she wants to buy a gardening furniture set with chairs and table. You need to relax sometimes with the sole purpose of sitting in the garden drinking your fav beverage (mine is coffee!!) and just absorbing the beauty.
Some people only go outside to WORK in the garden. After all the planning, watering, weeding, mowing, tending, and frustrations you need to chill.
To watch the grass growing under your feet as the title says.


Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

heh.. I do go out to relax in the garden. But then I see something to do.. a weed to pull, a flower to deadhead, another flower calling me to have a closer look!

David (Snappy) said...

Read my post today,Salix tree.We are kindred garden spirits.The call of something to do overrides the need to sit still.

Georgina said...

Hey Dave

I only originally did the garden in the first place (rounded the lawn and put gravel down; bought those 72 geraniums and potted them; two types of sage, thyme and a lovely japanese golden leaf something or other) so I could get out the table and chairs to admire them under the shade of the parasol.

I do rootle around for weeds though. And last week, I was looking at a giant ant (a giAnt) trying to bond with the little ants on the wall - and one of the little guys headbutted the big one off the wall (Zinedine ZidAnt).

It's all going on in my garden!

Speak soon, love Sis x