Saturday, July 29, 2006

Quiet reflection

Its Saturday night, the weather has finally cooled slightly, and it spat rain for a bit. The garden needs some rain, the grass is still yellow and brown all over.
There are a few flowers still to come yet. Some parts are going to seed now. They have been flowering for a few months though. The seed collecting has begun. Where i will grow them i dont know. I am considering buying a big grow house, that i have seen in the seeds brochures.
I have answered all the comments i think.Carol wrote i blogged lots! Too many pictures to comment. I love the new camera so thats why i photograph lots.
Im nearly at the end of my two weeks off work. Next week its back to the grindstone, after gardening for a fortnight fulltime.
Im browned nicely now, and feel destressed. It wont take long for it to become a dream, and happy memories.
I'm having new idea's for the gardens continuing development. New plants and flowers to acquire then plant.
I looked at fruit tree's today on Dobies website. mmmm Apple tree's, cherry tree's, and some blackberry bushes..
I want to work on the raised veggie garden, and again clash with the hungry slugs and snails who devoured my previous attempts to grow edible things.
A herb garden is high up on my list of things to do.The Front window border will be revamped into...(watch this space..its a secret).
A garden is best when its continually evolving and developing your style and tastes. I love the way it looks but some reflection has been critical. Im working out new strategys to overcome the local conditions that has effected my planting.
The weather has been freaky, so hot flamingo's thought they were in east africa. A long hot spell makes you appreciate rain, sweet heavenly rain replenshing the earth. Things look brighter and more vibrant after rainfall here on the hillside.

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