Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pink Flamingo's sighted in Two blogs

Thanks Christa, I smiled when i saw the opening picture of a pair of Phoenicopterus plasticus overlooking a community garden in Washington DC.
She mentioned my name in the context of blogging about the Kitch American pink flamingo lawn ornament.
Pictured to the left is my London Zoo bought pink flamingo figurine.She even has a little frog peeking out from under her long legs in the rushes.
Thats the link to her fabulous post.She admits to laughing when she see's them, but would not have them on her side of the fence.
I have looked on ebay but they are more expensive to buy here then the $11.45 she found them for.

The other blog i mention was behind the pink flamingo post.
The Hedonistic plant hunter who had a plastic heron (Alfred) to stop real ones stealing the ponds fish.She said he was a step above the pink flamingo.
I googled the Plastic Pink Flamingo and found my information about the guy who made them famous back in the fifty's.
I dont even know if i will find a place for them in my garden.They might work in Florida, but can they work in Sunny Yorkshire?
I will buy a pair soon, maybe just for posterity sake.I read a comment on Christa's blog about them being hoisted up a flag pole.They were a buddy's present to the girl for decorating the front of a tent.
You have made me smile Christa, seeing them in the (un) natural environment of a community garden.Where did my credit card go? Time to dial 1-800 PINK FLAMINGO....


Georgina said...

Pretty Flamingo is one of my favourite songs - The only line of the song that would be ok for your flamingo dream would be:

"Some sweet day
I'll make her mine
pretty flamingo
Then every guy will envy me
'Cause paradise is where I'll be"

(Manfred Mann)

MariaJ said...

Snappy, I wrote you a comment earlier. Its about that red lily...

David (Snappy) said...

thanks maria for commenting...twice.keep it growing and i will look at your photo..