Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Feeling Hot, hot, hot

Another day, another scorcher.Its thirty degree's C outside.I got a new mobile phone today with a 3.2 megapix digital camera.I have already posted a few.
I cut the back grass and have been cutting edges.But needed a sun break.Heat has been making headlines in the USA for the wrong reasons.Be careful people when its hot!Sunblock, fluids, and shade!!
I work in a hot hospital environment but when its hot we get cooked.I love being outdoors, in the heat, and breeze.Being dive bombed by wasps and bee's.No stings yet!
The garden looks perfect now.I will take some photo's later in the evening light as they are better than in full sun.
Liatris is now in my favourite summer bulbs category.The purple fluffy flower heads have opened at the top moving down.I cant detect a smell but the wasp was lulled to sleep by the Liatris purple lullaby.More post later.

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