Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy days

I went to the bank and got some money so i could buy Sallyanne some birthday presents, card, and some flowers. Twenty roses (ten each of red and pink cut roses) , with some gypsophila for babys breath around the flowers. I posted my arranged flowers.
I have been using my carnations as a cut flower, with reds, pinks, and the odd white flower. They smell beautiful, a sensuous sweet scent. The cottage pinks lose the scent battle, although there blooms are slightly bigger. I guess i could dead head some carnation buds to make the main flower bigger.
I have two or three nigella (love in the mist) growing by the barren front window border.that is not a success as i planted loads. The soil conditions are not right to germinate them. Across the log roll they must be better.
I got a thermometer today for the garden. Sallyanne wants it indoors so it is in the kitchen window for now. Thirty degree's centigrade today (it has Fahrenheit too for those USA people who use that measurement, 88 degrees fahrenheit).
The garden is holding up. The two weakest links are the morning glories and sunflowers which wilt all the time.
I saw some potted Hydrangea's today but never bought one. I have my cuttings rooting in soil, in the micro environment of a coke bottle. I think a seperate stem has grown from the soil, so things must be working underfoot.
I want to start a plants wishlist and have information by each flower/plant name. Peoples blogs give me ideas daily for new plants.
I got my David Austin rose catalogue today which smells lovely, freshly printed magasines always smell nice to me.mmmm.
The photography is sumptuous, the names delicate but fanciful, and the information about rose types, and history is fantastic.The owner looks so spritely for 8o years old, married for 50.
He single handedly revived the rose in the UK, and made it as popular today in the UK and worldwide as previously. When he started off as a young nurseryman people were not buying them.
Old roses you would love this, he has a selection of old roses from Medieval times, and from the crusades.I need a large loan now to buy some yummy roses for my garden.
I dont think they will post them untill the growing season is over. So, plenty of time to read it and absorb it, and plan which rose goes where....


David (Snappy) said...

I blogged before about work, and news which wound me up more.I have been watching and reading daily all about Israel/lebanon, and it would stress me writing about it.
Does gardening make you a better person?It is educational, stress relieving, and teaches you patience so i would say yes.It has helped develop my skills.From google searches for plant care, diseases, treatments, propogation, and finding other people who grow it.I learn a lot everyday, and each day brings new questions.Child like questions, but its always good to seek out the answers then you can blog them.

Alice said...

I hope Sallyanne had a lovely birthday, as I'm sure she did with such an attentive and loving husband.

Don't carnations have the most wonderful perfume? I could just die in that perfume.

David (Snappy) said...

She enjoyed her birthday.She got flowers, a new plant Stromanthe via costa rica (im in charge of daily misting and keeping soil moist), a music CD, and my special present to her was an amethyst/diamond necklace, to match ear rings i bought before from York, and Castleford.We had cooked chicken and new potatoes.The simple things mean the most...
Carnations are beautiful smelling.yesterday i smelt them and got honey/oil of cloves smell.Sumptuous scent, they need to bottle it into a perfume!

Boxwood Cottage said...

Hi Snappy,

you post so much, I can't comment on all you pictures, but I must say your garden is getting better every time I come here! Happy belated b-day to your wife! Glad to read that you've had a good time!

And I'm also glad to read that you have listened to me about David Austin and that you've orderd his gorgeous cataloge! I always thought that every English gardener know about David Austin and that his fabulous roses grow in every English garden. They are selling the roses in containers now, so you can order anytime, but yes they are quite expensive. I had almost bought one in our garden center yesterday, "Othello" was her name and she's so beautiful, but then I thought about that I have no more free and sunny space in my garden for her, so I had to leave it there *sobs* The price was 13 € which I think was okay for such an Austin beauty!

David (Snappy) said...

Oh Carol i looked up the rose othello in the says crimson flowers, old rose fragrance,3.5 foot x 3 foot.An old rose hybrid.Will try and google image for photo of it.I am perusing the catalogue.Next year lots more roses i promise...