Saturday, September 02, 2006

Night Shifts

Well I am in between night shifts.I want to thank all the comments that cheered my up after the melancholy grey day post.

Im happy that lots of you will post through the winter. I will be reading and leaving comments.

Nightshifts turn your life into sleep, eat, commute, work, then around again.

The Rose is sunshine, which i dont see a lot of during the night.

I cant wait to finish these night duties so i can get back into the garden, comment on all the nice comments, and catch up on peoples blogs.Will see you all very soon.


lisa said...

Hope you can get your rest and come out revived...I never could get used to night shifts.

OldRoses said...

I'm training a new employee to take over my nightshift. Waaaaaa!!! I don't want to go back to working days. I LIKE working nights.

Sigrun said...

Hi Snappy, hope, you had a nice sunday!


snappy said...

Lisa, I dont like night shifts.I feel ill for days afterwards.I have to rotate frequently between nights to days.One day off left before im back to work,
Old roses, some people like them.I have to do them as they are contracted in the hours.
Thanks Sigrun,I slept all of Sunday, then went to work.Sallyanne came back from Burnley after 3 days away.I was very happy!!