Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Back garden view

Here is yesterdays panoramic view of the back garden, two days after the cut.The fuschias on the bottom left are awaiting to be trimmed for overwintering.The sun was shining.


Anonymous said...

Oh nice. I wonder if your climate zone is similar to mine.
I think I am in zone 9.

clairesgarden said...

I have one fuschia which survives year after year, it was a cuttign origionally from my Nana's garden, never have any luck with any other ones, not even with moving them into the greenhouse for the winter.

snappy said...

Thanks Becky, dont know what zone the UK will be.Its temperate, but cold in the winter..
Claire, i dont know whether they will take.But my two year old heirloom fuschias were killed by the frost last year..they are not expensive though.i bought three small plants for £5 from the outdoor market.

Hannele said...

Do you take inside your fushias wintertime? Thats ok to add me to you list of blogs to read, thank you.

Peggy said...

Hey Snappy

I just did a blog entry about US Zones and how they figure over here. They really don't apply that well as we have winters that aren't too cold (really, they're not that cold, honest) and our light levels and heat in the summer aren't as high. But most of the UK are in Zone 8. Do a google search on USDA Zones of hardiness or check the links in mine if you want more info.

Lovely blog you've got here.



snappy said...

Hannale, i left my fuschias out over past two winters.They survived the first, but died in the second.This year should be a cold winter so i think cuttings inside will hopefully survive untill springtime..
Thanks Peggy,I realised the UK would not be that different zone wise, as we are a small island.The usa is huge.The smallest state is Kansas which would fit the UK into it about five times!!
I will check your links too!