Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday in the Garden

It finally stayed dry long enough for me to cut the grass.It needed it, thick, wet, and slippery under my shoes. I am back to work tomorrow so it was today or not for another week. I think its psychological cutting the grass. Once I trimmed the border edges it was looking nice again.
I will have to post one pic a day. However I take so many that i have a few days left yet..
My spider came back to hang around the spade/wall area.
I have spotted a self seeded forget me not plant behind the roses. I have the tomato plant in a pot that was growing out of the front window border.
The grass however looked so green and lush. All that rain has made it beautiful. I thought of an old American poet today as i sweated with the hover mower, Walt Whitman..
I read leaves of grass when i was at school. It is full of lines relating to the natural world. Its funny what you think about when you are working outside.
But the sun was shining and the wind was gentle. The coffee breaks were frequent. I spent about four hours outside, untill the light started to fade.
Next jobs for my days off will include revamping the borders, some plant moving, and sorting out the compost. I checked it today the bottom third is full of lovely dark compost, totally rotted!!
I was able to visualise more garden changes today working close to the grass when i was trimming.
My hole by the back fence has collapsed again with the rain running through it. Im considering a raised bed above it so it wont be so noticeable.
What do you all use to trim the edges of grass? my mower is hover so it only cuts the large area's.Im using big scissors to trim the edges neater. I have a half moon edger but that is not good on hard edges. I thought about a garden knife? What do you all think?
I mention that because i have blisters on my fingers again. The last ones have only just healed up, and i go and do same job.
The roses are still blooming in the square border, and the arched border. Just when I think they are finished more buds appear..
I want more roses next year. Beautiful, sumptuous David Austin roses with nice colours, and scents. I would love a rose garden with a circular pathway, with fragrant roses to smell on both sides. Maybe a bench or seat in the middle. Watch the flowers blowing in the wind!!


clairesgarden said...

glad you caught up with your grass, I hate it when the weather means its left for ages before it gets cut and then its a total battle, I am lucky I can borrow a petrol mower for these occasions. I'm afraid I don't do edges. a couple of times a year I go round with a pair of 'giant' scissors and tidy them up, and take the grass away from where it is growing ovewr the brick path. I like the wild look, and the creepy crawleys do too.

roybe said...

We don't have a lawn at this place Snappy, but most people use a whipper- snipper unless they want the manicured look. It must be a tonic mowing the lawn and then sitting back with a cuppa admiring it with the new mown smell in the nostrils. What time is it getting dark at the moment 7pm?

snappy said...

Thanks Claire, i leave the edges around the hedgerow, and by the fence near the front gate.So the creepie crawlies have somewhere to live!I might get some big lawn scissors...
Roybe its an english tradition having a patch of lawn.To sit on, walk on bare foot.Mine is more wild grass than lawn though.The weeds love it too.Its getting dark just after 7pm, but its getting earlier.Sigh, now i know summer is winding down into Autumn.I love the smell of cut grass, i smelt it a few days ago.Its heavenly...

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

You have some beautiful roses and those cakes look good too!
Now that summer is over, I strangely have more rose blooms than ever here. Hopefully next year they will look fuller in the summer.