Tuesday, September 05, 2006

UK Bob

I am pleased to say there is another English gardener. UK Bob ran a farm before retiring from that, to start work as a gardener in a big estate. His Blog is a mixture of the gardening on the estate, and his own garden. He is somewhere in Yorkshire, so maybe near me in Castleford!!
The link: http://the-estate-gardeners-diary.blogspot.com/
He has given me an idea of growing a climbing rose along the fence. Because i was not sure how to grow a rose along a flat fence. Blackberries too will be tried out too.
Hope you can all drop by to say hi, and give him encouragement. He has answered some of my many questions already.
Its always good to find new blogs.Send me your links if i have not dropped by yet.Want to feel some love blogosphere!!


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What a perfect yellow rose!
I`ve planted a couple of climbing ones too. I wish summer wasn`t over. It will be fun to see how big things grow next year anyway.
Your Monarda is pretty!


UKBob said...

Thanks for the link snappy. I don't like to make a mystery of where I live but with being in private service I wish to respect my employers privacy. I hope you understand.

snappy said...

T&M,I want some climbing roses next year.The monarda is gorgeous yes.I wish it was summer still, but seasonal changes mean more things to photograph.