Friday, September 22, 2006

Rain and Cakes

It rained, and rained, all day.I spent most of the day inside looking at the rain falling down.I nipped out for a few pics. The rose frosty morning splattered with rain drops.

I baked for a lot of hours. I made ginger biscuits, jam tarts, a victoria sponge which Sallyanne made up with butter icing and jam, two one pound loafs of bread. I made rock cakes yesterday, and fairy cakes the day before. We have a lot of cakes, and biscuits now. Im hoping tomorrow will be drier for garden tidying up. It must be near the end of summer.My borders are running out of flowers. The monarda are still flowering, the glads are sagging. The Erysimum and violas flower half heartedly. This is when i need shrubs for Autumnal colour. My garden sprinted from April to September, but has run out of steam.I need some marathon loving plants, or late starters..

Raindrops look like jewels dripping down my white birches leaves. The cunning design means the water is channelled down to the roots. They must be VERY fat roots with all the rain we have had from July onwards.

The snails are out in force now. I trod on some after walking to the garage to buy things.

Today though the whole house smelt of home baking. I found a link where you grow something from seed, and make a dish from the ingredients.

The original link was from Malaysia though, so they could grow something really different from me in wet yorkshire.

I have moved my tomato plants inside. They are sat on the upstairs landing on a black TV trolley. Sallyanne made me move them. I think of the kitchen as a base for my over wintering plants, a greenhouse for growing experimental seedlings that i want to observe. For me the warm well lit kitchen is ideal for gardening projects. Sallyanne thinks they clutter up the kitchen. I had to remove my Plum wine too (its upstairs now bubbling away happily in the bedroom).

Hope that its not too inclement wherever you are gardening in the world!!


UKBob said...

I thought of you yesterday when I was clearing up the greenhouse. The rain didn't bother me too much because I had plenty to do inside but I thought 'the poor man has 2 days off and look at the weather' anyway looks like you didn't waste your time and had I know what you were up too I might have been taking a break and popping over for a cake or two.

snappy said...

Thanks UKBob i thought of you today, but you were not working.You were watching motorsports.The weather changed though to dry and sunny for a while.You would be welcome for coffee and cakes..will make some more.Hope you have good time tomorrow.Im back to work again!!

Salix Tree said...

My house also turns into a sort of "greenhouse" when cold weather arrives. The kitchen, dining room, and my art studio turns into a jungle of over-wintering plants.
It's even worse in early spring, when I have trays and trays of seedings all over the floor, hardly any room for walking!
My hubby says nothing! Tee hee, he better not! Maybe he likes it?