Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Rose

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.Shakespeare was a gardener I think.With lots of flowers mentioned in his plays..
The sun was shining today.I took some long range garden pics but they will be tomorrows post.
The rose sunshine is at its heighest perfection with honey/vanilla scent, perfectly formed petals.It almost glows in the sunshine.
The grass is recovering from the cut, but looks so green now.The edges look trim, and set off the height of the border plants.
There are patches of flowers but it looks calming still..
As im back on night shifts I will need it too, more calming posts tomorrow!


roybe said...

Yes I think you are right, we were in Stratford in 1984 on a campervan holiday. I can imagine there would always have been beautiful gardens there.

Anonymous said...

Your roses are so lovely. Petals like velvet.
I should post a photo of mine.
(weird confession: i never liked roses before now) . . . but this spring I planted 3 climbers and my heart has been captured! I love them.

I'll check back for more photos tomorrow.

snappy said...

Thanks Roybe, that is the bards own hometown.Must have been floral heaven in shakespeares time..
Becky I have only grown to like them after past few years.I can apprecriate the madness with which some people grow them!Post yours so i can see please!

Hannele said...

I have a rose, Shakespeare is the name.

Anonymous said...

I will soon. I have a red climber but you can see my pink on in the post about my "rummage sale bargain."

Lynne said...

yellow is my all time favorite. even if they are from my husband.
The meaning of the yellow rose is joy and friendship.
that works for me.

snappy said...

Thanks Hannale.Gardening is international, so even when you cant read the text photos are universal.Show me the shakespeare rose...
Becky I love the rose and the birdhouse from a rummage sale.We call them jumble sale here..good place for buying cool stuff that people do not want.its suprising what people throw away.Car boot sales are popular here too for clearing houses of excess stuff..
Thanks Lynne, I dont understand the part about your husband.But yellow roses are cool.The sunshine is kind of yellow/orange/pink almost.I would love some pure yelloe roses.Joy and friendship is good.Nice post idea!