Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Night time insomnia

I finished my nights with the most amazing sunrise i have seen.The sky looked on fire as the sun rose.The clouds went from red to orange to pink, looking like a lunar landscape.
I put some photo's on earlier.My tomato plants were drooping from water loss.The evening primrose has collapsed.
I watered the pots, found none of my seeds have germinated.Only one of Sigruns Hollyhocks lives.Im keeping it in the black plastic box untill its bigger..the others succumbed to wilting.
Im nearly finished reading blackberry wine.A new blogger called UK Bob has given me an idea how to grow cultivated blackberries next year..watch this space.
The grass needs a trim if it stops raining for a bit.The soil is cloggy, waterlogged, and new mushrooms have sprung up in the grass.
The sense of summer drawing to a close fills the air.Gardens look colourful, but ropey around the edges.Seed pods are appearing on plants..
I had lots of cheerful comments about winter posts, so there will always be something to read, or look at.
My gardens blog will be a yearly project, through all the four seasons.Vivaldi style...
Angela from work has ten strawberry plants for me.I need to buy some container with feet to grow them on in.She said she has a demijohn for me for my wine making experiments.The dandelion wine is fermenting madly, the liquid is being carbonated by CO2, from the yeast...
I look at it daily, releasing the co2 occasionally when the bottle threatens to explode.Sallyanne tells me i need to find a new home for it.Not by my side of the bed!!
I want to look for a traditional wine making book over the winter, so i can decide which fruit wines to make..and jams too.The bread maker can make jams and marmalade.
Good night world, time to try to sleep now, easier said than done after three night shifts.Have not been in bed before 8.30am past three mornings.


Sigrun said...

Don't worry, I have a lot of seed. If you need, I send you some more. I have stolen a lot in the garden of a monastery. They grow very good!


snappy said...

Thanks Sigrun.In the old days the monks were the best gardeners, as they grew for food, and for medicines for a dispensary.I hope my hollyhock grows nice and big!:)