Monday, September 25, 2006

Work and Busy lizzies

Ah, me too much work is exhausting the snappy gardener. I am having problems still with uploading pictures. Need a new laptop ASAP. Im getting symptoms from not having one!!
The picture is a busy lizzie, grown from seed, now sat in the spare bedroom.This one is amazing as it has two different colour blooms on one plant.One white, and one peach.How bizarre (to go into old roses wierdness chronicles!!).
Im dreaming about the garden going to and from work.New plans, new plants, wish lists.
I guess Autumn gardening is tidying up from the party that was summer, and winter gardening is dreaming of springtime that signals a new cycle of life..
I need to weed the borders, and make some compost ready for adding to the soil.The roses are blooming still in two borders.The long border can do with some rose magic to lighten it up..
I have Alaskan Iris seed pods to break open.I will designate a section Alaskan Iris and see if they grow.They are hardy so they should love the yorkshire weather.
I have 8 tomato's on two plants.One is as big as the beefsteak tomato I got the seeds from originally.Next year I will grow a half dozen plants for salad and sandwiches I think..
Three night shifts to go now before days off.I will plan the garden in my head on the way to and from the hospital, i need a healing garden for all the winter pressures about to come.


OldRoses said...

Snappy Weirdness Chronicles! I love it. What are Alaskan iris? I've never heard of them.

Karen said...

Well, there's a lot of tidying up to do before winter, but here the winter garden will consist of snowscapes and feeding the birds and animals that come around. As well as dreaming of spring and all the bulbs that will emerge, of course. I'm doing my bulb planting right now, so I'm already dreaming of spring. ;-)

UKBob said...

I have trouble uploading pics sometimes, glad to hear I'm not the only one. I like your busy lizzie.

snappy said...

Old roses will do a post on the Alaskan Iris's...
Karen I am still in that process but work has stopped it temporarily.I have holiday next week so i can get the jobs done then.I need to plant some bulbs :) too!
UKBob, me and blogger do not get on.With my laptop out of action im using Sallyannes computer.Texting photos to upload,sigh!Will be sorted soon i hope!

Sue Swift said...

Hi - uploading pics used to drive me bonkers too. I've now switched to Blogger Beta, and though it still takes time, they do seem to arrive - not like before when, clicking on Done, half the time I found nothing at all.

snappy said...

Thanks Sue,Im hoping my problems get better soon.Blogger is tempremental at times, and i can only put three photos on one post.The edit screen wont display more than that.How people put twenty photos on one post is a mystery to me!!