Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Conkers Link

Here is a fab website that tells you about the conkers, a game originating only in great Britain.I grew up playing it at school.Hence the photo of my first found conker this year.
Edible for horses!so thats why we call them horse chestnuts.I remember drilling a hole with a knitting needle, threading and knotting string and playing.I can remember having my hand mashed by a rival conker, and boy does it hurt!!
Some conkers were unnaturally hard, with high numbers.They were always scrutinised for signs of vinegar or baking to harden them further.
Was there anything sadder than your prize conker being shattered by another in the mad game.
Why did people start putting them on string, then take turns to break other conkers?Like two nut like prize fighters slugging it out.
Maybe the British are war like, and a game you can play with just horse chestnuts and string (or shoe laces) helps that need.We have fought many wars across the world.The saying is the sun never set on the British Empire, because it was so huge.It was always light somewhere..
The link: http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/customs/conkers.html
Another link i found is on wikipedia:



Stuart said...

You conker-tonkers are bonkers!!

roybe said...

Thanks for the link snappy, it made me quite nostalgic. My memory served me right about the vinegar.

snappy said...

thanks Stuart, whatever it means..
Roybe i felt quite nostalgic too after finding it.

Kerri said...

Oh I see now that they're horse chestnuts, not pine nuts.
I've never heard of this game before.
The horse CNs I've seen over here look quite different...not smooth like these.

snappy said...

Show us a picture Kerri of your new york chestnuts..