Saturday, September 30, 2006

A garden torch through Autumn and Winter

I have finished my three nights. Now i have nine days off to garden to my hearts content.

To revamp the borders, cut the grass, and plant some bulbs. I have several idea's for posts of a garden theme..

The joy of blogging about gardens is that it touches so many other area's..

From botany, to biology, to environmental studies, to ecosystems, to traditional uses of plants, folk myths, cooking natural ingredients, to growing food, to wine making, to photography, to wildlife attracting,.....

It has grown exponentially as i have continued to blog. I notice the updated blogs list is growing smaller as summer fades. However snappys garden blog will continue to bloom through the fall, and into winter..

Stories from my garden, and whatever else i think will be interesting for posting.. It will all be related to gardening though...


Anita said...

Good morning Snappy!
"However snappys garden blog will continue to bloom through the fall, and into winter.." That sounds nice and interesting. ;-) Well, I am quite new to blogging but I will as well try to keep my blog during the winter season.
By the way, what kind of bulbs did you plant? I am fond of bulbs and my garden is already full of tulips, narcisus and other spring bloomers. This year, I will add some alliums (allium purple sensation and Globemaster).
Enjoy your days off!

UKBob said...

Thats good snappy cos I'm going to need something to read on those long winter nights, it sure beats anything on the TV.

Carol said...

9 days off sounds wonderful. Good for you, keeping your blog going all through the winter. Me, too!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Ah... 9 days in a row to do heavy garden work in the fall. What a treat! :)

Glad to hear that you'll be around all winter, too, Snappy. I'll be doing the same. (Oh, and have you checked out the plans for winter gardening book reviews over on May Dreams Gardens? I know you've been busy so I thought you might have missed it. Sounds like fun if you're a reader!)

snappy said...

Anita, i want to plant some daffodils, snow drops, blue bells, etc,I am going bulb shopping tomorrow though.I usually miss the boat with bulbs.My summer bulbs this year have been Gladiolus,and Anemones..
Thanks UK Bob.TV is something i dont watch much of.Wierd i know.I got my idea's from books, magasines, and the internet.Trey found it bizarre that i did not watch gardening programmes on TV.My shift patterns (or lack of) preclude any regular TV watching.When i am back from work im usually tired..
Good for you Carol, I will read yours too through dark cold nights.
Thanks Blackswamp girl i will read the May dream gardens post.Books and gardening sounds like heaven to me.They think im quite deep now at work because of the books listed on my profile.Thats only a smidge of all the books i like.Reading is cool if you have the energy to concentrate.

san said...

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