Saturday, September 02, 2006

GardenDummies returned

I got an email today from Stuart, after the wrangling with the Wiley book company he has set up again with a new title. Also he has took the garden gnomes idea to a whole new level with them as a sidebar on your blog.
Wander what changed his mind from hating them before? Anyhow here is the new link:
I hope you have Patent pending this time Stuart, welcome back...


lisa said...

Can you believe those "Wile-e-coyotes" gave him grief about his blog?! I mean, how LAME! So glad he's "back in the saddle!" I hope their book sales take a dive...but it won't affect any of US, because we aren't "dummies"!

Stuart said...

Good call Lisa and thanks David for the write-up. It's so good to be back and while I'm still no gnome-lover (haven't really changed my opinion of them) I must appreciate their place in gardening culture.

Plus, I thought we good have some fun with them in our online gardens.

snappy said...

Thanks Lisa.That made me laugh Wil-e Coyote.That is true for that company.Wander if they read blogs for negative comments?
Glad to link you Stuart, bet you have gnomes in your garden within a few years..