Friday, September 15, 2006

Home made day

Apart from not cutting the grass I spent most of the day making home made bread. Started the plum wine off fermenting, and baked an apple pie. That took a good few hours. A second loaf is in the breadmaker.
I had a close encounter with a frog. Learnt how to message my photos so i can blog them from a new internet site. This will help untill the laptop problem is sorted out. I'm back to work tomorrow for six shifts in a row...
Just need to cut the grass on one day. Go daffodil, bluebell, and snowdrop shopping. The seeds need planting in new compost.
I have started my own version of the retreat from Moscow, with plants moving inside for the winter to avoid jack frost. He starts stalking from October sometime here.
How addictive is blogging? writing posts, uploading photo's. I must say here I lost all my links which was my daily garden magasine. Sixty or so various blogs. It will take me time to relocate them all and leave comments..
Off to read my David Bellamy book. He is a famous british botanist, and enviromental campaigner. I saw him speak at the Cheltenham literary festival, then queued up to get him to sign it. I was speechless when i had got to the front.I watched him on TV and he was a great hero. Standing in front of him i could not speak...
He signed it, and now i am finally making progress reading it. I thought of a post which would be which person/persons have influenced you the most in regard to gardening?
He loves plants and insects, and use to infuse over them. I am the snappy gardener now because of his TV show.


Christa said...

My mother and father are the ones who influenced me the most with regard to gardening. They have always had a lot of plants - inside and outside. My dad has a water lily pond and a little orchard where he likes to grow fruit (apples, peaches, quince, raspberries). My mom grows and cooks with a lot of herbs. She knows the name of every kind of flower and tree, it seems. Their interest in all kinds of plants has been a great influence on me.

lisa said...

My mother and sister...they both garden constantly, outdoors and with houseplants. Anytime I visit someone that has no houseplants or gardens, I feel depressed, and want to run home to see mine! My mom is very knowlegeable about names of plants, too...especially strange, edible greens. She grew up in rural Kentucky as one of 17 children, and they were NOT rich, so they knew every kind of edible plant and animal, as well as how to cook and preserve them. I love that kind of practical knowlege! Makes me feel as if I could survive anywhere on anything or nothing...although I would really miss my blog :) !

snappy said...

Christa it sounds like your parents have instilled the green finger in will have to take photo's of their fruit tree's and herbs.My mum inspired me to start gardening.I need to check where she got the bug from.I know she loved wild flowers growing on railway embankments, and in farmers fields.
Lisa thats the kind of knowledge I want to have.But with hundreds of thousands I have a way to go.I feel depressed if im away from the garden too much.I am learning slowly the name of the weeds and whats growing in my corner.The book blackberry wine, and five quarters of the orange are all full of cooking with garden grown produce.I guess with 17 siblings food would be pretty tight, and need supplementing with wild food.The knowledge would have been passed down through generations.
In some ways this has been lost with supermarkets and pre packed food.Take the dirt away from the food.The hands from the soil.
Im glad you blog Lisa,keep on doing it!!