Friday, September 15, 2006

Suprise visitor

I was walking around the garden trying to remember where i put the aqualegia seeds.I suddenly noticed something small and green jumping.I dont know who was more suprised me or the frog!
There is no pond in our garden or even next doors.Where did you come from froggy?Did it rain frogs??
Maybe he wanted a snack of some delicious snails or slugs.He hid between the log post and grass watching me.His little heart was beating fast (as was mine).
We sat eye to eye, me with the camera.I took photo's on my good camera.I thought there must be a way to send them online from a mobile.I can do it but not as good as just uploading to the laptop.

If I have some special pics I can now get it onto my gardens blog. Just untill I get a new laptop when i get paid..
I left him a washing up bowl with some water in it. I think he was parched, and looking for some water.
Do frogs migrate from water to water? Was my garden frog a traveller migrating to ponds new?
I have solar light frogs, ceramic ones, but never expected to find one hopping in my grass.
I guess people who have ponds with resident frogs (like Dalty, he is cool) get used to them.I think they are magic, spirits of the garden. Devourer of slugs and snails...
I am still happy i found him (or he found me), now i want a small pond in the garden, for my froggy and all his brethren.


lisa said...

I sure love the froggies, too! Ponds are awesome, even if they are just small dishes on the ground. They say you can make a nice "toad house" out of a clay pot tipped over with a good size chip out of the rim for the toad to hop into. The only drawback with a pond, (aside from keeping it low on algae), is varmints getting into it. Not sure if you have raccoons where you live, but they can really make a mess out of a water feature...which is why mine is in a washtub on legs. But I say go for it and enjoy the frogs...if you build it, they will come!

snappy said...

I hope they will come.Im so happy i had my good camera and that i was able to photograph him before he hopped into the hebe pascal, and hid under the large stone block.
Thats a project for some research, how to make a frog pond.Maybe it was fate saying this is what you need to build next.
Field of frogs (dreams) build it and they will come!

Gee Magpie said...

Hey Davybro

What a frogincidence! I was in Camden market on Friday and came across a frogtastic Christmas gift for you!

Edie's played with it a little, but not so much that it has claw or paw prints on it.

Sis x

snappy said...

Hey Jaws Will have to wait untill xmas to find out what the frog is..glad Edie puss has played with it.She is so cute, but has very sharp claws!