Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I worked early today, and fell asleep this afternoon. I had some tea, and tried to take photo's in the falling light which was not good.
I answered the comments. I am not a drinker really, so the wine making is experimental like the tomato plants.I just want to see if i can do it.
The weather is getting colder, more rainy, windy. The summer drawing to a damp squibby end.Its getting dark earlier, and not getting light untill later.
Two more shifts to work before days off...need a rest from the hospital.I want to finish sorting the garden out, cut the grass will be therapeutic i think.
Bulbs to plant, weeds to remove, compost to turn in the big green bin.So much to do when i am not working...some pics soon.


clairesgarden said...

I am longing to cut my grass too, its been so wet off and on,for a while now, that grass is so long, that I will have to borrow the petrol mower to get through it, my wee push mower would have a hard time. hope the weather is drier for you when you get your day off.

UKBob said...

I'm not surprised you fell asleep snappy, I feel like having a sleep just reading about the hours you do. It always reminds me of when I was on the farm.

snappy said...

Thanks Claire, the weather was perfect today.I hope it stays dry at least untill the grass is cut.
Uk Bob Fulltime nursing in the NHS is a labour of love.There are better paid jobs with less stress and responsability, but i love it.So i endure the long hours, night shifts, weekends, and bank holiday working.The garden is my oasis of calm to recharge my batteries.My healing place..