Thursday, September 07, 2006

Space Cat

Here's Cara sitting in a cat made hollow under the tree. She has squashed the grass to the shape of her body. I guess there was a hollow there before and she found it.
Not much gardening done due to working night shifts and too soon after day shifts. I need the garden healing vibrations more now with work stresses..
I got a one gallon demijohn today off angela, and fruit from her garden. Sweet plums and apples. I am deciding whether to make plum pie or some wine? The apple will become a pie!!
The one gallon glass jar has an airlock that allows the CO2 to escape via bubbling water.
Someone told me today there dad put all the homemade wine in the airing cupboard. It exploded taking the door out and putting glass shards in the walls, and fermenting fruit soaked into the wood. Ooops!!
I saw a sign today for spring bulbs. My next gardening mission is to acquire and plant lots of daffodils, bluebells, and the snowdrops i got from tashas garden before.
I have a small budget so it might be the long border that gets bulbed out. I can let them naturalise and spread i guess..
Its wierd thinking about spring in September. Summer days are fleeting now, with daylight hours dwindling like sands through an hour glass.
I will take some flower pics tomorrow after my early shift. I had a violin lesson today after my early.A cat nap. Then it was dark after tea. Traditional fish and chips with curry sauce.
more snappy posts soon....


Karen said...

What a funny picture of Cara the space cat!

What type (shape) of plums are they? My mother in law makes a lovely plum cake (pflaumkuchen) out of the longish purple ones. I look forward to this time of year because that is when the right plums are available.

snappy said...

Will photograph them tomorrow.They are small and more green/brown than purple.Angela said they could be eaten fresh, or baked, or turned into wine.Here's to my future plum tree's so i can do all three!!

snappy said...

Karen,...I have just looked at the plums.Some of them are purple ish, maybe like the ones your mother in law makes.Get her to give you the recipe so we can all try making it!!