Thursday, September 14, 2006

Days off

... Are finally here. After eight days of work, stress, and exhaustion. I have two days to unwind, sort out the garden. Move my plants for overwinter indoors, plant seeds, cut grass, taking cuttings, start my plum wine fermenting...
I have missed the garden, the daily walk around examining plants, flowers, and finding bugs to photograph. I showed people at work my blog site.I felt quite shy about that too..
How can you let people you dont know see your inner most garden secrets, but feel embarrassed about work mates.
They said ooh you are a deep thinker, based on the films and books on the profile list. They wanted some overall garden shots to compliment the macro shots of flowers and flys! They were spooked by the spiders. The red armour plated one and the diamond spider..
Have you missed me? Work tires you out and cuts into gardening time. I literally have just taken a few photos but nothing else!!
I seperate work and life.At Pinderfields I am David because thats what my name badge reads.It is on display.I wander sometimes how people know my name when i have not told them.Doh,I forget its on my heart side!!
At home I'm Dids, a nickname that Sallyanne and the family use. I have no problems with that split. Its still me, but two different sides.
The garden, and the snappy garden blog are home life, not connected to nursing or medical admissions. A few people at work have green fingers (Angela who gave me cherries, plums, and apples, a demijohn and airlock bung, and has strawberry plants when i can get them from wakefield to Castleford. Fran who took my Hydrangea cutting and lovingly put it in wet tissue and cling film to keep it fresh).
They share the gardening bug, but many others dont, or dont know. The blog is getting me known, and they like looking at it on nightshifts between admissions!!
I am home now, let the gardening commence!Woo hoo!


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Yay! I hope you get some gardening--and some well-deserved rest--in these next two days!

I have missed checking your blog, but I didn't know that you weren't posting... I've had such a crazy week myself that I haven't had time to post or read. :( Hopeuflly it was just something about the full moon last week, and next week will be better for all of us!

Carol said...

And here in the blogosphere, we think of you as Snappy! I know how it is about showing others your blog. It took me a while to even show my family. Now I've got my mom looking at it everyday online and word has spread at work, too.

snappy said...

Blackswamp girl, at the hospital the full moon makes confused patients more so, and the staff stressed!!I half watch the lunar cycle.Hope for better this coming week.
Carol I like posting daily, and putting up made it harder though.Sometimes exhaustion makes you just wanna sleep.
I have tried to chill for a few days, and do some gardening.