Monday, September 11, 2006

Rain and thunderstorm

Just finished work. Day six out of eight...oh me to be in the garden. So much I want to do to the garden, to the borders.Im feeling tired now. Two shifts to go before days off.
Here is a picture of the spider that had made its web between the Dahlia and tomato plant.
I love taking pictures of the insects that let me get close enough to them.
Life is full of joys if you can see them. How many people notice the things growing around them except gardeners? They appreciate the beauty and variety of nature.
It rained heavily tonight with loud thunder and lightning. Sallyanne is glad im back at home. She does not like being left alone with a thunderstorm raging overhead..
More posts soon.The garden is still calling me...


MariaJ said...

Youve found a diamond spider. It really looks interesting. Yes, life is full of magic!

snappy said...

Thanks maria.Is it a diamond spider?he is very sparkley..

clairesgarden said...

nice spider picture, its sad but work often gets in the way of gardening. it makes it more special. hope your thunderstorm was soon over

Karen said...

I am always worried the power will go out if I am alone at home during a storm. Fortunately, I can always make myself a cup of tea, since we have a gas stove.

snappy said...

Claire,the thunderstorm was over by the time i got home.Work does get in the way of gardening, but it does make you appreciate the time spent when you are NOT working..
Karen I love coffee, but tea is good any time.Esp during a storm!