Friday, September 08, 2006

Of Mushrooms and magic

Another day, another Joanne Harris book. After i finished Blackberry wine I found the third book on my bookshelf. A review to follow after i have read it all.

Im working too much, the garden is growing nicely with the rain and wind. It has rained a lot. More mushrooms have appeared. Its magic how they appear from nowhere. Do birds eat them and drop spores? Do they blow in the wind and grow on damp earth?

No wander europeans used to associate wild mushrooms with pixies and fairies. Its miraculous how they appear overnight.

I still need to go bulb shopping. the grass needs a trim before it slows down its growth. The borders need cleaning up and weeding. Remove my summer flowers ready for bulb planting and soil improvement.

The roses have suprised me by reblooming when i thought they had done. The Sunshine rose has bloomed eight flowers in one go. It looks like a wedding bouquet!!

At 5am this morning it was FREEZING cold.I shivered all the way to the bus. I thought i need to bring my busy lizzies inside, and take cuttings of my fuschia's to overwinter. The spare room is to become my indoor greenhouse. For over wintering plants and growing seeds..

I have had lots of idea's for winter blog posts even if not much is growing. I will keep going through the dark and cold winters days. When i go out now i have my camera ever ready to photograph with the idea thats a good pic for the blog!

It has made me look at the world differently, looking at plants, tree's, flowers, etc with a different perspective. Sometimes from a distance, othertimes close up.

There is magic i think in nature all year round.You need to know where to look, and when to photograph.

Photo's are universal in that you do not need to understand the preceding language. A dandelion flower might be called a hundred different names but the picture is something all hundred people can say, i know this.

The foxgloves are germinating.Tiny little seedlings peeking out of the earth, sensing the failing light and dropping temperatures. Sigruns Hollyhock looks healthy, and no kittys have tried eating it yet. Five days of work left before days off.

Some pics to follow to keep me happy untill days off...


Carol said...

Lovely flowers as always. Happy to hear you will keep blogging all winter, so will I. Gardening and thinking about gardening is a year 'round activity for me!

Karen said...

I have read this book and I enjoyed it, though parts of it were very sad. (I won't say more.) I haven't read Blackberry Wine though. I'll have to remember to look for it.

lisa said...

Be careful with that bulb shopping! I found myself quite enamored with all the lovely pictures, sent out a big order, only to curse myself as I realized I now had over 100 holes to dig! A couple tools well worth investing in are a sturdy, "step-on" bulb planter with a long handle-it has a cylinder which pulls up a chunk of dirt to a 6" depth in one motion! Another great tool for small bulbs is a "dibble", a kind of pointed, t-shaped tool for punching a small hole very easily. Happy shopping...can't wait to see your Spring results!

snappy said...

Carol, i will blog all winter with my writers soul im sure i can keep people amused..
Karen I have finished it now (sept 16th).God its not a very happy book.I like Chocolat, and blackberry wine better..
Lisa,I found that at Tasha's.I layed out all the bulbs and it took me an hour to plant them all.I will keep an eye out for the tools you mention.I will post pics of my bulbs once i have bought them..