Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tia moved her face to look at me closer. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Your blog is so interesting, and i'll check back to read more of it when I have time. I'm new at blogging and can learn from you.
Your photos are great too.
Thanks for sharing.

Sigrun said...

Tia looks like my Einstein! Today we have a lot of sun and I can work in the garden! :-)


Loretta said...

I love how cats alwyas look mildly irritated whenever you try to snap a pic. : )

snappy said...

Thanks Rebecca, you made me smile :)
Sigrun lucky you its been wet today.The sun shines occasionally but not like summer.Show Einstein more on your blog!!
Loretta cats do not like posing for the camera.She was looking at me saying hey are you snapping that thing again?Is it time to eat yet???

Kerri said...

She's a pretty one. I love the pic of Cara the space cat too :) My kitties don't seem to mind having their pictures taken, especially the kittens. We used to have a cat that would literally 'frown' at me whenever I'd point the camera at it :)
Some of my Collinsia has dried out so I'll check it and see what the seeds look like. I hope mine seeds itself. I've really enjoyed it this summer.
Beautiful glad!!

snappy said...

The Collinsia mystery deepens.My monarda is drying out too.A comment says it self seeds freely so i might wait and see.I read it is a perennial so it will grow back next year.It has already spread from a small plant to filling the border.I love it.I hope to get more butterflies next year.The cats are used to being web stars now, i tell them when i play with them or give them kisses..