Thursday, September 21, 2006

Days off are here

At last after a six day stretch, coming after an eight day stretch. The garden is calling me. Have taken a few random pics to put on here taken over past few days. I still need to solve the getting photo's to the blog problem. I am sending them by text to a site, then copying them to the computer, to post on here!
It means i can take the well focused photo's on my phone. Tomorrow will be long range shots on Sallyanne's. I am lost without my laptop.It has been a companion for years. Hopefully will get one sometime. Got Sallyanne's untill then..
Tia was chilling today waiting for some gardening tomorrow and Saturday.She likes planting bulbs and sleeping..
It was 28 degrees C today and Sunny.Like a proper summer day weeks after the heatwave had petered out, and became grey wet and drab.
I am tired out though from 14 shifts...need to join Tia on the chair.No work untill Sunday, im very happy!

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