Thursday, August 01, 2013

Retail Therapy

   I got Cat to take me to Hampson's to buy some replacement plants for our dead hanging baskets. Six baskets needed replacing from the heat and drought. We walked around the Hampsons equivalent of the green mile (red and yellow tickets for damaged plants).Looking for plants that could be revived.
  I loved this Gazania mixed variety. It looks quite healthy to me, with a lot more unopened flower buds.
 Three extra plants that need a home. A Celosia, a Pelagonium, and a third yellow Geum to join my collection. Lady Strathden.
 I have Geum Mrs Bradshaw, and Geum Orange. This is a third lovely yellow variety.
 Cat replanted the three pots by the front door. There is silver foliaged Cinnereria, Prince Of Wales Feathers,The prarie like Red Coreopsis, two Spireas, shrubs with small pink or white flowers. Fifty pence or a pound each!
 The six baskets have been replanted with a mixture of Diascia, Pansy's, Lobellia, and Campanula.
 I wanted the Blue and white plants in the baskets. This Pansy has the blue, the white, and the egg yolk yellow.
 The Lobelia was a pack of twelve. A rare find in all the dead and damaged plants that they had ticketed.
The cost of planting the three large pots by the front door, six hanging baskets, and four extra plants was under forty pounds.
  Today was the hottest day of the year. Hopefully now it will cool down as I'm back on nights again tomorrow.
 Rainfall would water the new basket plants and front door pots. The garden is still full of colours, Bees,Butterflies, and other pollinating insects.
 I watched the BBC's program about Urban Wildlife with Mike Dilger from the One Show. He saw Kingfishers and Peregrine Falcons in Sheffield. Badgers in South Yorkshire. Newts in a mans swimming pond..
 We have Newts, Frogs, Pollinating Insects, an occasional Hedgehog, Bats at night. I love how the garden brings wildlife closer to me. Only a few steps from the backdoor.

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