Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Three B's

 When it was sunny yesterday I decided to move the Bamboo from the pathway to the fence by the back gate. It is hopefully more sheltered and not as hot. The Bamboos leaves have got wind burn, and damage from the pots drying out.
 The three pots together look like a living screen. There is plenty of new growth rising from the root system in the pot.
 They start off green and unfurl like a cigar. I think the black stems develop later.I have to watch that these plants don't split the plastic pots.
 I spent a good hour yesterday photographing the Butterflies on the Buddleja. This White one looks very mystical with the sunlight illuminating its wings.
 They come out when it is sunny and fly around the purple flowers. They are very flighty and move quickly from flower to flower.
 The Bee's also love the Buddleja and this Teasel that has managed to flower. I will pull it out before it sets seed, but I love the pollinators in the garden.
 Another Bee balanced on the Butterfly Bush. It is alive with the sound of buzzing bees. The ten feet stems are covered in triple flower spikes. They will be pollinated in double quick time, as the neighbourhood pollinators gather to drink the nectar.
 This Butterfly has his tongue down in the little purple flowers..
The last Butterfly pic shows a Comma. He looks a bit battered and weather beaten. He landed on the buddleja right outside the conservatory. They are very hard to photograph due to their small size, and the constant flighty nature.
  It is pouring down with rain now. July has been hot for three weeks, then rainy for the last week. The garden needs watering though. There will be probably be the months rainfall in a week?
  I hope August is hot and sunny. Butterflies, Bees, and Bamboos are the three B's.

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