Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In Transition

 It is already the fourth week of August. The fiery orange Crocosmia is blooming now in the pot on the patio. I need to re pot it so it can grow bigger. It is a lovely flower contrasting to the strappy green leaves. This plant has suffered with the summer heat, drying out, and having very browned leaves. The recent rain and my tidying up has made it more attractive.
 Self seeded Forget Me Nots growing in one of the pots. It did have some summer bulbs but they dried up and died in the summer heat. I love how delicate the blue flowers are . Cool against the green leaves.These self seed everywhere, but I love finding new plants growing wildly each year where they fall.
 The Bronze Fennell has been cut back to the ground, and regrew to five feet tall. It has these pretty yellow flowers floating over the edge of the sunken border. The hover fly's love these small delicate lemon peel like flowers.
 A late flower Aquilegia has attracted small insects inside the petals, and the Hover Fly. These have long spurs full of nectar. I hope next year brings new colour variations of the Aquilegias.
The Cranesbill Geranium has re flowered again. The electric purple flowers sing out in the slightly exhausted sunken border.
 I was reading today about the West Dean Chilli Festival. You can even camp in the grounds now, and spend three days there. I must go next year.
I am trying to grow a Chili. So far I have two plants and no fruit formed. Im running out of time before the growing season ends.
 I used to be able to grow Cayenne Chili's. The Scotch Bonnet, and Jalapeno Summer Heat have struggled with the Yorkshire conditions. I used to grow them with no problems. Maybe my exotic choices are too difficult to grow in wet/cool West Yorkshire..
  The garden is looking green. The weather has cooled down a bit now. There has been the odd rain shower too.It is in transition between Late Summer and Autumn.

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LostRoses said...

Your crocosmia is gorgeous! I love a spot of orange in the garden. My chili (Anaheim) isn't going to amount to anything either. Just now has flowers but it's way too late for ant chilies to form and grow here. I know they didn't get enough sun but I tried anyway!