Friday, August 02, 2013

Roses Today

  The Roses continue to inspire me with their blooms. I think they give a good injection of colour when other plants are starting to fade. The Lady Emma Hamilton freshly opened glows in the sunlight and smells so divine of citrus fruits. yum!
 The Rose Scent Sation getting ready to open five blooms on one stem. They smell best when they are just opening their petals, but it gets less strong as they open further. I cant smell Turkish Delight, maybe a sweet shop smell?
 These Hover Flys love the Scent Sation. It only has minimal Black spot on a few lower leaves. The Rose bush looks quite healthy. A bargain from Fryers Roses. A late developer but this has meant the Roses have staggered in their flowering.
The Hybrid Tea Queen Elizabeth is just teasing me with fat rose buds. I'm working the next three nights so this will be one of the first things I look at when I come back from work.
 Its hot and humid, and even a sharp rain shower has not cooled things down. Its a lovely balmy August Day.

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