Monday, July 22, 2013

Roses In July

The Hot weather and Lily Beetles have decimated my Asiatic Lily's. Luckily the garden Roses have all been flowering away. Every few days a new Rose opens for me to photograph, and to smell.The first Rose is the Darcey Bussell. She flowers really well despite some terrible black spot on the leaves.I must remember to buy the anti fungal spray next year to try and stop it discolouring my Roses.
Wollerton Old Hall has three Roses on it now. Chalice shaped pale Roses with a funny Myrrh smell. Like Liquorice or medicine. It has grown really healthy, with no black spot so far. The flowers hold the chalice cup shape.
One of the new Roses is the Molinuex. Ready to be planted in the front garden where the other one died. It has flowered spectacularly. It is very healthy.
The Arthur Bell flowers with one Rose at at a time. Beautiful deep yellow Roses with a lovely strong scent. It is growing healthy. Maybe the Rose food I used has helped?
The Moliniux with apricot colours on this Rose. Beautiful colours and tea scent.
The Rose Harlow Carr flowers non stop for weeks. The scent is pure old rose scent, like soap. This has bloomed more than any of the others.I love the pink blooms.
  The other two Roses still growing that have not flowered yet are the Hybrid Tea Queen Elizabeth (from Wilkos), and the Fryers Rose Scent Sation which has a new Rose bud just opening and the hint of Turkish Delight smell. I will photograph it when it opens tomorrow or Wednesday?
  The Dog Roses have grown leaves from the bare stems, but no flowers. Maybe next year?
  I love Roses. The gardens Lily's will be composted and new plants used to fill the Barrel and green planters.The Lily Beetles can find other gardens to breed in and other Lilys to destroy.
 I want to buy a new Rose or two. A David Austin one called Jude The Obscure, a Rose called Sunrise, and maybe the original Peace Rose (named after the end of the second world war). Roses fill the garden with form, shapes, scent, and colour. I cannot imagine a garden without Roses in it.

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