Monday, July 22, 2013

Long Shots (of the garden)

 I thought I would share a few wider photos of the garden. I take lots of photos of individual flowers. Here is the patio area by the pond. Tomatoes (including the Chilli plants that were tomatoes), and Pumpkins.
 The wildflower area by the pond has shot up massively. It is pretty much self seeded. It will need cutting back in the winter. The frogs love hiding under the plants by the pond edge.
 The long view from the shed showing the patio, grass, pots, hungry bin, and compost bins,
 My favourite Perennial plants the Astrantia. as modelled on the top of the blog. I love the cool waters of the pond under the graceful arching stems and flowers.
 The dilapidated pond. I cleaned the small green pond leaves that grow mad  in the sunshine. The Water Lily also needed trimming back as it has taken over the pond. The Frogs and Newts love the pond. The birds drink from it and bath in it on the brick steps.
 The Sunken border with the huge Butterfly Bush, Ceanothus, Sambuca, and Dicentra. These plants have grown extremely large for the area they are in. Major decisions ahead in the winter. Can they be cut back to fit the space? The Ceanothus has such a thick trunk now It will need cutting down if I remove it. The growth has exploded from it.
 The pathway has all my pots with Roses, Lilys, Hostas, and brown leaved Bamboos. They suffered terribly in the hot weather. I think I must mulch them thickly next year and maybe move them to against the side wall where it is more shaded during the day.
 The last year of the Asiatic Lily's. They have been getting smaller each year due to pest attack killing the leaves off. This year even the flowers have been eaten. I love the colours but think I need a break from them for a few years.
 The Lily's were free from the organisers of the Big Lunch a few years ago. I love the bright primary colours. Year on year they are getting smaller and smaller with less leaves.
 This Lily reminds me of a Banana Split. I love the colours. Its a shame that the Lily Beetles decimate my plants.
 A Nettle Plant growing in the Wildflower Area. I'm pleased I have this for the Butterflies to lay their eggs. As long as I keep it small it can stay and grow next to the other wild flowers.
   The garden has been full of Bees, and Hover Flys. Also other flying insects. The plethora of flowers means their is a lot of nectar for the pollinating insects. I have not seen many Butterflies yet. A few Meadow Browns, and Cabbage Whites. Hopefully the Buddleja will attract them in.

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