Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Shopping

   It has been a busy few days for me in the garden.This was the Ceanothus and sunken border before the spring clean.It has grown over eight feet high and six feet wide.The improved soil must have improved the vigour of this plant.
 I cleared all the Teasel seedlings,and excess Creeping Buttercups from the sunken border.Light is free to reach all the plants and bulbs that are growing away as the day length increases,and the temperature creeps up.I love how the Ceanothus stem was bent then straightened up with a cane.It is now upright and you can see the thick stem after the prune back.
 Clearing the excess growth and leaves exposes the beautiful red stems of the Dogwood, with the Geum Mrs Bradshaw growing underneath it.A green carpet beneath the crimson branches.
 The sunlight can now reach the solar lights that are dotted around the border.The birds are getting used to the new trimmed bush.They can still fly into it,and wait to fly to the feeders.
The Pond is clear and has several Frogs in it.The wildflower area behind it is dormant at the moment.I only have the Strawberry bed to clear up and the greenhouse cover to replace.
  I went shopping today for lots of garden sundries.A large paraffin heater, a compost bin for the kitchen to store the vegetable waste(before going out to feed the worms),a Parisian style patio set of table and two chairs, a new parasol holder granite base to make the bird feeder mobile,a metal wheel barrow for the allotment,and a decorative Rose arch to grow two scented Roses up.
  I have bought Black Asiatic Lilly's,coloured Anemone De Caens,Cut flower Tulips,and Daffodils for the houses vases.
  Spring is nearly here.I'm getting excited.

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