Saturday, February 23, 2013

Frogs,Feet,and Food

 I went to the Wakefield rhubarb festival today and came back with some forced Rhubarb (grown in darkened sheds by candlelight to make it sweeter and less stringy than the outdoor crops),and some sausages from the Rhubarb triangle farm shop.The Sausages are pork,chili,and rhubarb, and full breakfast.I cant wait to try them out.
 There were lots of food and drink stalls,a cookery theatre,a pantomime dame called Ruby Rhubarb walking around the cathedral precinct.Some canny stall holders were selling hot drinks, mulled wine,and hot cider.It was cold and blowing snow flakes.There were Spanish Churros,Buffalo burgers,and sausages making my mouth water.It seemed fairly busy too.It runs until tomorrow.
 By the backdoor my Cloggies sit waiting for me to go out into the garden.They fit on my feet perfectly and the insoles have my feets imprints inside each shoe.Alas the left one has split at the back.I have had these for about five years.I went on to amazon and ordered a new blue pair.I will put the old comfy insoles into the new cloggies when they come.
 I looked into the pond today and thought is that a frozen dead frog?Then i realised it is actually two frogs, one on top of the other.They moved around in the deepest part of the pond.There maybe tadpoles soon?
 I'm a big frog fan.These two have been sat in the Braeburn apple pot keeping an eye on things.I do have lots of animal figurines.I love wildlife and all things animal.
The garden has a peacock, a cockerel,four Frogs,and a scarecrow.There is an England gnome in a hanging basket but the frost and cold has worn his paint off.The Frog on the right has also started to chip away.the lacquer has dropped off in two places.Yorkshire is quite cold sometimes and takes its toll on the garden statues.
I cleared around the Bramley Apple tree today and found this fern growing under the Strawberry bed.I have re potted it,to see if i can make it grow into a bigger specimen.I love the shiny fronds.
  It has been a cold weekend.I have tidied the garden up and am impatiently waiting for March to start sowing my Vegetable seeds.the greenhouse is cleared out and ready to start growing the plants from seeds.

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