Monday, February 18, 2013

New Plants And Cover

 Today was a good gardening day.I went shopping again and came back with a new static bird feeder (to put in the granite parasol holder),Primulas,Aquilegias,and a patio table cover.I spent the afternoon clearing the greenhouse out, and replacing the ripped cover with a new one.It is now waterproof and snug.
  The Chinese Tree Peony has regrown from the soil with lots of energy.I hope it flowers this year.It has not bloomed since we bought it.
 The Dicentra is regrowing from the soil now.This dies back every year but regrows with extra vigour.I love the Bleeding Heart flowers hanging on the branches.It made its way between the Sambuca branches last year.It grows very quickly.
The Ceanothus has beautiful green and brown bark.It has thickened up nicely in the three years it has been growing.It been trimmed to keep its size small.I love the colour and the texture of the trunk.
  The  greenhouse was weighted down by almost 20litres of mud.Last years rain had caused the mud from next doors garden to slide onto the frame covering it totally.I found a baby frog too in the mud at the side of the greenhouse.The new cover makes it look like a new greenhouse!It has been swept out,and the pots put back inside it.
  I planted the Primulas in the sunken border.They have added some colour splashes in the garden.I planted a Morello Cherry tree into a pot.Until i can decide where to plant it..
 I also bought two Rhubarb crowns from Hampsons.These will be grown on and planted up at the allotment.The old crowns will be dug out and composted.
  I made a new frame for the Braeburn Apple tree to try and keep it upright once it has fruited.I tied some canes together to try to make a new frame.
 I want to see if the birds like the second feeder that is now in the garden.It means they can be rotated around the patio to stop the build up of seeds in one area.
  Lots of shopping,spending,and garden tidying.Its looking good.

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