Monday, February 04, 2013

Rain Delays

 I just finished four nights and wanted to finish the garden clean up.It has been very windy,and raining heavily so I'm sat indoors looking out.The Cobalt Blue winter Primulas have flowered again.They are normally buried under Lupins,Heucheras,and Creeping Buttercups.I love their cool blue flowers with the yellow eye.
The White Primulas are flowering away.I may try to split the clumps once they have stopped flowering.They are very hardy and come back year after year.I planted them two years ago and they are still blooming in January/February.
 I cut back the Butterfly bush but the Ceanothus is still massive,and untrimmed.Cutting it back small will let more light onto our solar panel butterfly lights.
 I hope tomorrow is drier so I can finish the garden tidy up.

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