Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Post

   Autumn is here now.The weather has cooled down,and the leaves on the trees have started to change colour.The paths are starting to get filled up with fallen leaves.The Geum Mrs Bradshaw is still flowering in earnest by the Apple Tree pot.The Bronzed Fennel I cut back has regrown to about two feet high with its ferny aniseed smelling leaves.
  The Betula Utilis has grown quite well developing a strong stem at the bottom, which is slowly changing colour from brown to yellow.Hopefully this will change to white in the next few growing seasons.Considering this is a Himalayan Tree it has some very British Caterpillars demolishing its leaves.It is forming the vase shape to keep its size small.It is over six feet tall now.The weeds growing around the base are very lush too!
  The Grapes in the greenhouse are nearly ready.They are now a good black colour,and taste reasonably sweet.There has not been as much sunshine as I would have liked.A winter job will be to trim the Grape Vine,and to move its pot outside to get some freezing temperatures to kill off any mites living in the bark of the plant.
  I watched a program called Great British Food Revival.Michael Roux Junior was championing traditional British Strawberries.Supermarkets only like stocking Strawberries that travel well,and have a long shelf life.I intend to buy more traditional Strawberry plants and to plant them in the raised Strawberry Bed.I also want some Perpetual Strawberries for late season soft fruit.Mine explode in late June and July, then production drops off,If I can get late season plants then I can eat Strawberries for longer.
  The garden needs clearing,and my Spring Bulbs planting.I have Tulips,Aliums,Anemones,and Frittalaria that need planting once I have cleared some space.The seasons keep changing imperceptibly.

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