Monday, October 08, 2012

Flower And Fruits

 The days are getting colder,and the light fading earlier each day.The garden has been looking more tired with the changing weather.I was surprised to see a lilac flower blooming in the Japanese Painted Fern pot.It is an Autumn Crocus.
 It has beautiful petals unfurling like a Water Lily.It just has the Stem growing up through the soil,and no leaves.These plants can flower in a glass with no soil or warmth.Colchichum they are called..
I harvested these Apples from our Tree.They look delicious and I will enjoy eating them across the Winter.The other fruit trees have grown really well and might fruit next year now they have a lot more growth on than when I bought them.
 I love how red the Braeburns are in the crystal fruit bowl.
  I am off this week so plenty of time to garden,and to get to the allotment.I will plant my Spring Bulbs this week,and start the clear up in the garden.I will try to blog more too.

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Ioana said...

I simply love that crocus! I would really like to have it. Do you have the name of this particular type of cholcicum?
Thank you