Friday, October 26, 2012

 It is the Annual RSPB feed the birds day on Monday the 29th of October.I love seeing the garden birds flying into and out of the garden.I try to keep a selection of food and water for them to come into the garden.This Collared Dove loves sitting on the table,the bench,and the fence.There are a half dozen of these slim birds that come to feed.
 The weather is cooling, and the gardens plants are either dying back,or changing the leaf colour.This is the leaf from the Dogwood.In winter we should be able to admire the bright red stems of the decorative shrub.On frosty and snowy mornings it will add colour to the winter garden.
 The Dahlia is making a valiant attempt to flower before the first frosts of Autumn come.The flower is perfect against the dark foliage.I love these.They will need over wintering in the shed again to protect the corms from the frost and wet conditions.
 Flowering away beneath the debris of the other dying back plants this Primula is flowering for its third season.Every year they flower in the spring then die back under the new growth of surrounding plants.Come October they are invigorated and are flowering away.October is a lean month for flowers in the garden.
A late Rose blooming on the David Austin Harlow Carr plant.The Roses have had a terrible year with the wettest summer causing black spot,and much fewer flowers.It is making the best of a cooler period with not as much rain.
  I want to start writing my seeds list out,and order things to grow next year.I want to try out some of the exotic Vegetables mentioned by James Wong,along with flowers, and more fruit trees.Winter is a good time to reflect on the past year,and to dream about next years growing season.


L said...

Just bought a new feeder from Aldi's which is like a prespex ball. Hopefully the squirrels and pigeons will leave it alone.

Bernideen said...

I enjoyed my visit here!