Sunday, October 14, 2012


   These Purple Haze Carrots are the limit of this years harvest.These were grown from seeds sent from the USA.I grew them in two pots.Despite mice attack ravaging the top growth these actually grew okay.I love the purple colouration on the skin.I still need to cook these and have a taste test.
 The Sweet Peas are coming to the end of their flowering.I love the pink and white colours of the Sweet Pea William and Catherine.I need to buy more Sweet Peas to grow next year.I love picking the flowers for the vases and the perfumed scent that can fragrance the conservatory.
The David Austin Moliniux Rose has provided me with a Rose to photograph.It is like lemon sherbet colour with the tea fragrance.I need to buy another Rose to replace the one that has died in the front garden to make the Rose hedge.
  I have been reading the Home Grown Revolution book which is inspiring me to think about exotic crops to try growing at the allotment,and in the garden at home.I think trying new things will make it more interesting,and provide new ingredients for cooking home grown produce.
  I went to look at a lean too greenhouse today which was too tall and wide.I want to replace the plastic covered one at the end of this year.The Grape Vine needs to go to sleep so I can untangle it from the roof,and move it outside to spend the winter outdoors.The lack of sunshine has meant the grapes have not ripened as well as I thought they would.The plastic greenhouse also has problems regulating the temperature with the doorway open all the time.
  I have never grown Grapes so it was a good experiment.Now I want to grow Grapes that are edible without tasting so acidic!The grapes make me wince when I try them and put my arm hairs up.
  I have to go back to work for three nights but after that I will be tidying the garden up,planting Spring Bulbs,and clearing the allotment weeds.The days are shorter,and colder.

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