Thursday, November 04, 2010

November Rain

It is a pretty miserable day outside. It has been blowing a gale, with torrential downpours. The Trees are being stripped of their leaves, and the leaves float high into the air carried by strong gusts of winds.
The flower in the photo is the sparkly White Begonia. It was rescued from the dessicated hanging baskets, replanted, and has regrown with vigour.
Autumn watch is on tonight again on BBc2 at half past eight. The fourth or fifth episode I think of eight.
I only saw a Squirrel on our fence, and a Magpie on the shed. The horrid weather has kept the birds in their roosts.
I'm working tomorrow but then have the weekend off. This weekends job will be to plant all the spring bulbs that are in the shed.
The allotment needs its winter clearing too if it ever stops raining. I have booked a week in London with Cat seeing candlelit music at Saint Martin In The Fields, and two West end shows booked so far.
I hope to have cleared the allotment and planted the bulbs before we get to London.I can hear the wind howling outside the skylight window.

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