Sunday, October 31, 2010


The Pumpkin Cat bought was carved today, and placed in the window with tea lights burning inside his head. His ghostly face shone out of the window, illuminating our front room.
Hordes of colourfully dressed children (and accompanying adults) trick or treated at our door. We had sweets in a box to hand out to the goblin hordes!
Originally a Celtic Festival (Samhain, where the dead cross over to interact with the living) it crossed the Atlantic to the USA with the pilgrim fathers. Our carved Turnips became Pumpkins in the USA.
Recently it has been embraced by the young (and young at heart like me) and is more widely celebrated in the UK. We only spend one tenth of what the USA does but it is growing. I love the Pumpkin glowing spookily. Ghosts of the past and present collide.
Its the last day of October. Where does the year go? We spent today giving the front and back grasses a cut. I topped up the birds food and did some weeding.
The pumpkin will be turned into a hearty bowl of Pumpkin soup tomorrow. I hope you have a Happy Halloween wherever you are.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pumpkin face!

I made my pumpkin soup yesterday, then a pumpkin and prawn curry - had enough left over for a pumpkin pie and a pumpkin, nuts, bacon and pasta bake tonight. For £2.00 thats not bad - next year I will be growing my own again!