Saturday, November 27, 2010

November Snow

When we were out last night it finally started snowing in West Yorshire. A dusting of snow covered the garden, and the plants.
This is a drying Verbena Bonarensis flower head draped in snow and ice.
I re topped up the birds food, and replaced the water (which promptly froze within a few hours!).
I have tomorrow left to blog before a weeks holiday in London with Cat.
I hope the snow does not disrupt our travel plans too much.
There will be one last post in November before I am on Holiday.
The snow makes everything look pretty, vibrant, and clean. Even tired, died back plants look interesting with ice and snow on them. The birds stick out even more against the white backdrop.
I love Snow...

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Silver Threads said...

Reading your entry today, for the first time I realized you are in West Yorkshire. Is that at all near Haworth? My most treasured memory from my first trip to England (in 1978, from the U.S.) was an overnight stop in Haworth. We visited the Bronte house and walked on the moors.