Saturday, November 13, 2010

Autumn Robin

I spent the day today shopping with Cat, and tidying the garden up. We bought some bamboo fencing to edge the wildflower/pond area off. It will help support the wild flowers and stop them from flopping onto the grass.
I swept sodden leaves and debris from the pathway. This friendly Robin flew down to feed between the pots and was hopping onto and off the pots.
Last night was the last Gardeners World of this year. Autumn is fast fading away into Wintry weather.
The Hostas have been re potted, and the Roses trimmed back. I started to plant the Spring Bulbs but darkness stopped me finishing. I will have to do it Monday, my next day off. I have also tried orange peel in an attempt to stop my pots being dug up by the Squirrel.
The Robin is such an iconic bird. It fills your heart with joy when one stays with you a while, and sings for you. They have been living alongside man in Britain for thousands of years. Ever since we started turning the earth.

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Anonymous said...

I love robins too but my camera is always just out of reach when I have one hanging around long enough!