Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birds And Bulbs

The two types of Lavender I have are still flowering away beautifully. I love rubbing the tough stemmed leaves and smelling the fragrant Lavender plant.
The Birds have been busy feeding today. The bird feeders have been busier than they have been for days.
I read that the birds I'm seeing in the garden will probably be migrants from Europe and other parts of the UK.
My Blackbird from May has long gone, and his Russian cousin Olaf is now feeding in the garden.
I saw Blue tits, Great tits, Collared Doves, Wood Pigeons, Goldfinches, Starlings, and Blackbirds. I read that you will only see 10 percent of the birds that visit your garden.
There must be hundreds then that visit daily. I only watch the garden for some of the time.
I finally finished planting the Spring Bulbs. The nights have got frosty and the soil is starting to be frozen in the mornings. The birds water is also freezing into icy blocks overnight and needed breaking up daily.
I planted Daffodils, Narcissus, Tulips, Aliums, Dwarf Irises, Freesias, and Hyacinths in the sunken border, and along the edge of the shed. I need some pots to plant the remaining bulbs. I had more bulbs than i could plant...
The spring garden will be full of flowering jewel colours. The cold winter is approaching, but the thought of the spring will keep me going through the cold dark days


Anonymous said...

Hello David,
Now your garden is prepared for spring and with all the work you have done this year we will have a nice surprise !
Here in France it is also cold, dark and damp.. I still have lot of work to do in my garden but because of the short days it is not easy..
Thanks again for keeping your blog regularly updated :it is a real pleasure !


Topfgartenwelt said...

I don't know how the winter is in the UK - cold, rainy, foggy? If it's so, it is not quite different like it is in Graz (Styria/Austria) now. maybe on your island it is a little bit warmer :)
i have also planted a lot of flower bulbs (daffodils, snowdrops, crocus, allium and some more) and now i hope, that all of them will appear after the end of the winter.

Last week i have bought three amaryllis and one azalea. They should bring some color into our living room - maybe you should to the same? :)

David you have a very nice garden blog and i'm sure, that i will visit it again.

greetings from austria

Topfgartenwelt said...

In Graz it has also started to snow, but it's not so cold here in the night. Isn't it nice, two days before 1. Advent, the weather becomes christmassy.

Unfortunately there are to many crows in our area and so most of the songbirds are gone :( Also in summer, when you are waked up by the sun, you just hear crows croaking.


ps: if it's ok for you, i will link my gardenblog (Topfgartenwelt - Pot-Garden) with yours?