Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Five Flowers

The Amaryllis from the Autumn Flower show has flowered now. Five Red and White flowers from the single stem.
I brought it in from the greenhouse and put it on the sideboard near the backdoor.
It grew a two foot flower spike with these five flower buds on it.
With the garden going to its winter sleep its good to have something flowering.
Its been raining hard all night and all today. The ground is soaked. New mushrooms are appearing daily in the front and back gardens.
I do love the colours and shape of these Amaryllis blooms..


Ofer said...

Amaryllis blooms is amazing, also big irisis and day lilies,
when you think about huge gorges flower that is not hard to grow- not at all. and they like start from about nothing.

I think it is one of the more exciting things in gardening.

In gardens that I design I try to always have some day lilies and agapathus but I should use some amarilis just need to find the hardy ones.

thanks for that post blog

Philippine flowers said...

Oh! this is the first time I saw that kind of Amaryllis. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I learned about it. Keep posting!