Saturday, November 07, 2009

Tickled Pink

This Dahlia has been growing beneath the Sambuca Nigra shrub, and is blooming away now. Despite the cold weather and incessant rain it has grown into a beautiful pink bloom. The garden is starting to close down, ready for its winter slumber.

The flower is so heavy that it hangs down. I had to hold it up to photograph it. This is only the Second Dahlia bloom this year. There was a single Crimson one before, but this plant has arrived fashionably late to the Summer party.
The bird feeders have been topped up, and the fresh water changed. I hope that when the garden sleeps I will be able to watch the feathered garden birds feeding, singing, and flying around our garden.
The Squirrel has been back several times, and does good acrobatic feats of holding on upside down to feed on the bird feeder station.
The Hedgehogs have gone to sleep now. I have not seen them since before we went to London. I keep hearing strange bird noises at night. I wander if there are Owls living in the trees around the many gardens. I have not seen them yet..
When it finally drys off I have hundreds of Tulips to plant. They are sat in the greenhouse at the moment waiting for a good time to plant them. The Crocuses have already started to push up through the damp soil.
I want more Dahlias for next year, in a variety of colours to add some party magic to the borders.


Georgina said...

Hey Hibernating Bruv'! The garden sounds heavenly. I've planted a cordyline and Lots of Geraniums in pots. The lupin bit the dust already but the rest are all (green) blooming. The mint I've tried as a marinade on lamb. Mmm. Did you get my postcards? Not sure now I posted them to the right address! Love to Cat, love Sis x

Rothschild Orchid said...

What a great shot of the Dahlia, it makes me want to dive in between the petals! :o)

Anonymous said...

i need to get out into the garden more. i had not noticed that lol