Friday, November 27, 2009

Red, Blue, And TV

These are some colourful things in the garden. The Blue Flower is a Polyanthus that has survived all across the Summer and is flowering now. I bought them in the Spring to add some colour to our new garden. The flower is a welcome splash of colour during the cold wet days. It is forecast sleet tonight, snow thats not quite thickened. Like a Slush Puppy? There are four Polyanthus plants so hopefully more will reflower soon.

The cold and wet weather has caused all the Trees to drop their leaves. This beautiful dogwood has had its lovely red stems exposed by the falling leaves. This will look great on a frosty morning, or after a fresh snow fall.
We bought a new digital TV today. As we stood in the shop looking at rows of TV's it showed video clips of Flowers opening. Roses, Orchids, and Passionflowers... Shot in stop motion pictures and played at speed, like a floral ballet dance.
They looked amazing and helped us pick one out (TV that is, not a flower).
Now I need some good gardening or wildlife programs.. and Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday to watch the colours and movement.
I'm off this weekend and will hopefully brave the sleet and rain to finish clearing the allotment.


Bren Haas said...

This is a wonderful posting.... Happy Thanksgiving to you and so thankful to have met you.

Georgina said...

Hey Bruv! Just rang ya. Will call again soon. Off to Highland Games today, seeing a recitation of Robbie Burns' Haggis poem. Really looking forward to it. Will post GIANT envelope on Monday, honest! Love sis x