Monday, November 23, 2009

Like A Rose

This Dianthus is still flowering. A Bud of rolled petals was uncurling in the garden today. It looks like a little Rose.
The garden has been battered overnight by strong winds and torrential rain.
I'm back to work tonight so my gardening time will be looking in the morning before bed.
I have left lots of dried seed heads and stems, simply so there is something to look at.
The bird feeders continue to attract the garden birds.
I have seen a Chaffinch on the feeder but have not managed to photograph him yet...
The sun is actually shining through the window now. There is a plump Pidgeon on the bird feeder bowl eating his way through them.
Topping up the feeders is a regular garden job for me a few times a week. The pleasure I get from watching the food being eaten is amazing.

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Georgina said...

Hey Bruv! I've almost sent a letter with stamps, postcards, Xmas card and so on... no letter in it yet :) But it will arrive before Chrimble, subject to Royal Mail strike I reckon. Are you well? Will try & ring ya soon.

I saw a cat eating a bird the other day. Not relaxing as I ran after him to try and get him to drop it!!!

Keep on chillaxing Bruv'

Love Sis xx