Thursday, March 12, 2009

Natures Art

Some Crocuses growing outside Cats mums house. They are bigger than my little Crocus.There were white ones with the most deep orange stamen and pollen..

Natures own art is above. The pale lilac coloured veins in the white petals. The orange centre looks glowing and fluffy like an easter chick.
I have spent some of the day planting seeds in seed trays and pots. Chilli's, Tomatos, Squashes, Pumpkin, Courgettes, Broccoli Garnet, and Cauliflower.
The growing season must be here. I repaired my growhouse with sellotape, as it has ripped over the winter. It is full of seed trays and pots. The upstairs bedroom has also been taken over by flower seed trays and tomatos.
I'm back on nights from tonight, so I will have to admire the garden early in the mornings before bed.


Unknown said...

Nature's own art is right. It is absolutely gorgeous. Great pictures you got of it.

Unknown said...

You always capture the colours perfectly. You have a real talent for describing your flowers and it is such a pleasure to read your blog. The crocus looks amazing with the fiery orange in the middle of the pale petals. I love reading your blog!!